IMG_0465I’m Jamie, and that’s my love, Dwight, I’m leanin’ on. Welcome to Dancing Creek Gifts ~ a place for soul-sharing and refreshing.

Dwight & I live with our sons, Sonny (15) and Samuel (13) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We love the beautiful views and peaceful Dancing Creek, which is only a short walk down our road.

As one who enjoys all things creative and sharing what I learn, I wanted to start a blog of my own. I wondered why I should bother when there are like — a zillion, but I remembered 3 important things — first, we all have something unique to offer. None of us have the same story to tell. Why not make it a zillion and one? Second, we were created to share our gifts and this blog is a God-given outlet. Third, I’ve been incredibly comforted, encouraged and inspired by others who made the decision to share their lives with me in this way. I hope to do the same, with thanks to the Giver of all good gifts — the God of all comfort. He meets us where we live, and so, Dancing Creek Gifts, it is.

Let me just jump right into the deep end with you, because I know you know — life is good, but it’s also hard, complicated and sometimes devastating. Even so, I’m learning that the most beautiful things can be born from our suffering. Seeing the beauty may not erase the suffering entirely, but it sure builds hope and perseverance.

I’ve loved anything artsy as long as I can remember, but a really dark period of my life forced me to focus more energy on creativity than I ever had before. So, passion and perseverance came together — and here I am, doing what I love — oh so thankful — even for the darkness.

We all need a continual place of refreshment for our hearts, minds and souls, which is why it’s my joy (and therapy!) to create art that provides just that. Hope and encouragement come from the love and promises of God through Jesus Christ and the supportive words and actions of our family in Him. And so, I take these life-giving words — scripture, song lyrics, quotes — and design a solid, daily reminder for life.

I also love to share the stories behind the art with you — that is, my everyday, real life and my fight to apply Truth every step of the way. God’s Word is healing and the only thing in this life that will not fade. We’re meant to encourage one another to lean hard on Jesus together, so let’s do this…

Thanks for stopping by! Your friend in life, faith & art ~ Jamie


Sonny, Samuel & myself on a bike ride down Dancing Creek Road… getting excited for spring! ~2016