Hello World!

…so even though I plan to share lots of projects and how-to’s, and hope to bare my soul to encourage folks, my first post on this brand new blog isn’t going to be anything dramatic. Not at all.

If you’re reading this, I hope you won’t be too disappointed at the fact that I have nothing really clever for you to take away that might justify the precious time you’re spending here.

But WAIT, maybe that’s an encouraging & inspiring thing after all.

Maybe you’re kinda like me. Maybe you feel as though you can’t present yourself, your creations & your thoughts to the world unless they’re BIG, Pinterest-perfect and profound…  that unless it’s complicated and takes an embarrassing amount of shower-less days it can’t possibly be good or valuable or useful to anyone.

Well, forget all that. Let’s JUST BEGIN what we want to do, no matter how feeble our beginnings.


Small steps and imperfection are part of the process… 

Maybe it’s more encouraging & inspirational to

  • take one little step  
  • show real life imperfections 
  • create simplicity  (it’s an art form!)

So there ya go– an easy introduction to sharing our personal creativity with the world!

Hope to see you again soon…

Your feeble but hopeful friend, Jamie =)


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