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So it’s been on my mind to share some things about a favorite topic– gardening… just a little here & there. Some things you may already know, and some, maybe not.

I didn’t grow up having to garden (and I’m fairly certain that most people in my generation didn’t either.) So if we want to get involved in this– we’re starting from ground zero. We have to get comfortable asking stupid questions. I’m writing with this in mind because that’s where I started. I still ask stupid questions. But that’s okay, I’m learning.

I used to think I didn’t have time for gardening. I’d say, “I’m trying to raise kids– I have no time to raise plants!” What I failed to realize then, was what a useful place the garden actually is for guidance in my responsibility as a parent. God knew exactly what He was doing from the beginning when He placed Adam & Eve in a garden. I’m glad my mind was changed, and that I now enjoy the endless benefits of this simple pleasure.

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I’m far from being an expert. My first real attempt at a vegetable garden was only 10 or so years ago, but I was armed with this book and I was sold from the beginning on these methods. I still refer to this book often. I’ve seen first-hand how well these methods work!

W – wide rows

O – organic methods

R – raised beds

D – deep soil

There are clear instructions for the entire system/process – start to finish, and great pictures too!

The one topic I want to look a bit deeper into for just a moment is the compost pile and why it should be a **first consideration** for newbies of gardening and ultimately, any and every creative endeavor.

Maybe you don’t even know what compost is. It’s a mixture of various decaying organic substances, such as dead leaves, plants, manure, etc… used for fertilizing soil. Every garden needs a compost pile or bin; a place to put all of the many plants that die we kill. =)

So many people are discouraged by their lack of a “green thumb” (or so they say) when truthfully, all gardeners have plenty of failures no matter how advanced they are. They just keep at it.

The compost pile is a wonderful reminder and encouragement. It helps us remember that our failures only add to the fertility of our next attempts. You’ll win some. You’ll lose some. But, you’ll be encouraged to try again, realizing that nothing was actually lost. The “losses” are actually gain for the simple fact that you practiced.

So with the compost pile in mind, do your thing! Be it gardening or whatever. I always remind my kids (and myself) that none of their efforts are wasted. Kill things, burn things, make ugly things, hit sour notes, fall down, say the wrong thing, write poorly– but keep trying. In all of the failures, there is increasing fertility for all future growth.

In the words of Mrs. Frizzle “Make mistakes!” (By the way, you were deprived if you didn’t get to watch The Magic School Bus. I still love it! As matter of fact, I’m pretty sure there is an episode on gardening. Check it out!)

Failing and getting up again with you daily because of Him…

Your friend, Jamie =)

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love HIm and are called according to His purposes for them.”    -Romans 8:28

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