Remind Me To Forget

It amazes and frightens me how simple words can affect others for good or evil. They literally have the power to heal or destroy. I could go really deep here, but it’s one of those days to keep it short and sweet. You’re welcome. haha!

I only want to share one occasion where someone’s simple message led me to Truth, freedom and healing. I’ll cherish it forever. It was the absolute worst season of my life. At least that was my perspective, then. Today, the suffering I went through proved to be one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.

One afternoon during this dark time, I had to scramble myself and my boys out of Wal Mart because I could feel a panic attack coming on, dragging me down to the depths… again. My life may have been a living hell, but I still had to get groceries for my family. (Thank God for the things that force us to keep going). But in this moment, I just wanted to get home, quick.

My body had been reacting violently due to emotional & spiritual distress. I’d spent the majority of my life dealing with the dirty work of someone else’s poor life choices. I had been led to believe that it was my responsibility; that this is what Christians are supposed to do.

My eyes were being opened to the fact that this dirty work was not mine to deal with, after all.  Furthermore, a complete separation needed to take place. This was an intense battle happening in my conscience. And it would not be won easily or quickly. We’re talking about years and layers of deception and manipulation.

I desperately needed God’s people (my people) to throw me any kind of lifeline they were led to…a prayer, a verse, a card, a book, a hug, a smile, a license plate… a license plate?

Yeah, a license plate. You see, as I was rushing home from Wal Mart that day, a car passed me, then pulled back into my lane where I perfectly caught sight of their license plate.

It simply read: “PSALM 45”

I remember thinking “I need to look that up.”

I forgot about it for a day or so, but then in a still moment, praying for comfort, I recalled that license plate. I looked it up and was calmed by a message I sorely needed.

Psalm 45 is titled “A Song Celebrating the King’s Marriage”. I was stunned by God’s goodness to send His healing Word to further free me from lies I had lived so long under. Verses 10 & 11 particularly break the chains that had enslaved me.


Clearly, my responsibility is to my Heavenly Father and my husband. I serve them, alone and nothing that is contrary. My conscience could rest. God was not mad at me. He was rescuing me.

I still get threatened by the same old lies that held me for so long. Even some well-meaning people will guide us right back to evil that God Himself has freed us from.

We need continual reminders to battle the lies. Never consider something small as unimportant or ineffective. Your license plate, your T-shirt, your greeting… who knows what freedom and healing you are offering the world.

Doing (and appreciating) little, but important things with you ~ because of Him and for His glory,

your friend, Jamie =)

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