When Giving Thanks Is Hard

When Giving Thanks Is Hard

Grief can visit us for countless reasons and it doesn’t care what time of year it is. The holidays really intensify your sorrow. THANKFUL, GRATEFUL  and BLESSED is written across everything, while you struggle to feel any of that. Everyone is excited to gather and feast, but you can only think of how crushing it’ll be to paste on some happy […]

Remind Me To Forget

It amazes and frightens me how simple words can affect others for good or evil. They literally have the power to heal or destroy. I could go really deep here, but it’s one of those days to keep it short and sweet. You’re welcome. haha! I only want to share one occasion where someone’s simple […]

Resistance Training for the Soul

This morning I woke up with more feelings of the downward drag than usual. Negative thoughts criss-crossed my mind, performing exactly as they’re designed to, to take me down emotionally & spiritually. I ran down the list of physical things that could have me feeling more vulnerable… couple of clues there. Fears of every sort […]