Our Feelings May Fail Us, But Jesus Will Not

Our Feelings May Fail Us, But Jesus Will Not

Two years ago, I sat in a therapist’s office in the greatest distress I could imagine. Where are You, Lord? If You love me, why would You allow me to suffer like this? I had always been distrustful of the mental health-care system, yet there I was, desperate for whatever help I could get. Our insurance […]

When I’m Afraid

  Looking, acting & talking tough is not the same as actually being strong. Sometimes the biggest & baddest dudes are the first to scream like sissies. We just don’t know what we’re made of until it’s revealed one way or another. Anxiety and fears, small and large, threaten us all every day—from traffic jams to test results, […]

Resistance Training for the Soul

This morning I woke up with more feelings of the downward drag than usual. Negative thoughts criss-crossed my mind, performing exactly as they’re designed to, to take me down emotionally & spiritually. I ran down the list of physical things that could have me feeling more vulnerable… couple of clues there. Fears of every sort […]