Our Feelings May Fail Us, But Jesus Will Not

Our Feelings May Fail Us, But Jesus Will Not

Two years ago, I sat in a therapist’s office in the greatest distress I could imagine. Where are You, Lord? If You love me, why would You allow me to suffer like this? I had always been distrustful of the mental health-care system, yet there I was, desperate for whatever help I could get. Our insurance […]

Remind Me To Forget

It amazes and frightens me how simple words can affect others for good or evil. They literally have the power to heal or destroy. I could go really deep here, but it’s one of those days to keep it short and sweet. You’re welcome. haha! I only want to share one occasion where someone’s simple […]

Ladies, Get Behind Good Men

  Growing up and well into adulthood, I experienced abuse, deception and betrayal by men who were supposed to protect me. That most of this was under a “Christian” banner, crushed me the worst. I didn’t have the convenience of talking about it until recently. I know all about sucking it up and shoving it down, […]

Resistance Training for the Soul

This morning I woke up with more feelings of the downward drag than usual. Negative thoughts criss-crossed my mind, performing exactly as they’re designed to, to take me down emotionally & spiritually. I ran down the list of physical things that could have me feeling more vulnerable… couple of clues there. Fears of every sort […]