The Best Weight Loss/Management Method Yet (For Me)

Don’t you hate it when someone insists that their health/diet/fitness choices are right for you? I pretty much tune them out immediately. I think it’s better to say (such & such) is working for me. It’s just respectful of the vast differences among us. None of us get identical reports from the doctor, so we shouldn’t give or expect identical treatment and care for our bodies. I need and want advice, but I appreciate hearing personal things presented as options, so that’s how I try to give advice. It doesn’t always come across that way, but that’s my goal. I may be over-the-top excited about some of what I share, but still — the choice is take it or leave it. Do what suits you= )

Now, I actually am over-the-top excited about the method I’m about to share because it’s just been so do-able for me. I’ve been using the app, MyNetDiary on my iPhone. This is what it looks like when you first open the app. img_7973

Basically, this is your personal “calorie account” — and you track it. It’s a game-changer as far as my weight-loss/weight-maintenance goals go. I lost 10 pounds in the last 2 1/2 months. Here is a screenshot of my progress.



This is why it’s working for me:

  1. It’s FREE – yes, it’s possible to have success with tools that cost you nothing
  2. It’s A PERSONAL PLAN – You totally customize it with your personal information (height, weight, activity level, etc…) your goal weight and how much you’d like to lose each week. You are given how many calories you need to consume each day to reach your goal.
  3. It’s EASY – I’ve never counted calories, but the huge database makes every entry so easy, even for a beginner like me. You simply enter what you consume and your calorie balance is automatically calculated for you. It’s like always having a personal accountant with you.
  4. It’s NOT EXTREME – I’ve heard (and seen in myself) that extreme changes can be harmful to our health. I started my plan on August 18th, with a goal of losing 10 lbs @1 lb per week, which is a very safe rate. The goal date was October 27th. Since it was so gradual, it was sometimes hard to tell whether or not I was making progress — even so, the plan was successful! I’m confident that minor adjustments are a key factor in lasting change.
  5. It’s EDUCATIONAL – Before using this app, I had no idea what the calorie cost of various foods and drinks were. Now, I have a much clearer picture of exactly how many calories I’m “spending” with every bite/sip. Just knowing the cost has made it so much easier to restrict myself. I had no clue how many calories I was drinking!! Eliminating that alone was huge. In short — putting this education into practice has brought transformation.

I don’t know about you, but in my life — I’m constantly searching for simple and this is a tool that SO simplifies weight loss and management. Expensive, extreme, complicated methods may work in the short-term, but are no-way, no-how gonna be here to stay — not for this chick old-ish bird. I’m tired of strenuous and complicated. I’m not getting any younger and I’m pretty sure that my body has decided that we are NOT going any faster — at least not on a demanding, regular basis. My sanity is one of the most critical parts of my health and fitness, so high-stress is OUT for good.

I’m so much happier being less demanding of myself, letting my life slow down and learning self-control. And just so ya know — there was fast food, chocolate, an endless shrimp birthday feast, birthday cake, ice cream and other treats that I enjoyed along the way, but I still reached my goal. This is not about forbidden foods, but moderation.

This app has other features that I haven’t gotten to, such us the ability to track your vitamin and water intake, but — one step at a time, right ; ) There is also a library of resources that are helpful to look into as we need to take other factors into consideration, such as the effects of medications.

You can upgrade to a paid version with even more extras, but I’m proof that you can have success with the FREE version.

Finally, let me add that I’m not one of these extreme self-love/self-help people who believe that the development of our personal selves is the ultimate goal to achieve in life. Nope. Neither am I someone who believes that hating myself and ignoring my physical needs is something good and godly. Nuh-uh. If you look somewhere in the middle of those extremes… I’m there. I want to take care of myself so that I have it IN ME to take care of others — and to be all that God designed me to be in this life. That includes being OKAY with my weaknesses and failures — but to keep reaching toward the GOAL. That’s what I want for you, friends. Anyway, if you decide to give this app a try  — let me know how it goes. Got questions? Just ask!

In life, faith & art ~ Jamie

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