The BEST Gift For Moms (Free Download too!)

I’m gonna make this short & sweet, because ain’t nobody got time for my ramblin’…or perfectly edited English. I’m simply and quickly sharing what I know all women of every age and position need most – ENCOURAGEMENT!

I just finished listening to Lysa TerKeurst’s audiobook, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions. Let me tell you… we ALL need this book. My biggest battle in life is getting a handle on my emotions. Only God can help us do this through His Spirit and WORD, but we will never do it without support from people trying to do the same, who come alongside us with vulnerability, honesty & integrity as Lysa TerKeurst so beautifully does in this book.

Good news! You can get the audiobook for FREE. If you have a library card and a smartphone, download the Hoopla app at Create your account and get 5 titles free every month. I strongly encourage you to make Unglued your first pick…because I love you. 😉

This book is FILLED with honesty, grace and practical ways to change. I definitely want an actual copy in the future, but my favorite overall takeaway to remember is to “Make imperfect progress”. Without that grace, we just can’t move forward. So, I hand-lettered this quote, scanned it and saved it as a PDF so you can print it out for yourself and your mom and/or friends.

It can be printed on regular sized card stock and trimmed to fit either an 8×10 or 5×7 frame. Or of course you could do something else totally cool and clever and let me see how it turned out. Okay!

Click here to print –> MakeImperfectProgress

What a great, constant encouragement huh?!! Happy Mother’s Day!

In life, faith & art ~ Jamie

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