A Fresh Start


The word fresh” brings so many good things to mind …

I’m a morning person, so a fresh new day is at the top of my “favorite things” list. It’s quiet and filled with opportunity. It hasn’t been fouled up with trouble and failures just yet. Ahhh, fresh new mercies, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. My feel-good, hope-filled emotions are at the peak of freshness.


…that might have something to do with my first cup of fresh, hot coffee, too. I don’t know if it could be a good morning without it. My boys have asked (more than once) what I’d do if there were suddenly NO MORE COFFEE. I shudder at the possibility. I guess they do too. What kind of lunatic will she become? I suppose they know I’ll need a back-up plan in that state of emergency. =/ Well, if I’m going to have an addiction, let it be coffee. Cheers.


And then, there’s the smell of a fresh, clean house. It thrills me. I make no apology for liking a clean house. I’m just wired like that. The smell factor is critical. After all of my years cleaning, I’ve found what God intended clean to smell like – essential oils. My personal fave combo (at the moment) is a mix of peppermint and pine, which I put on my dusting rag. It takes fresh up to a whole new heavenly level. Aaand, spiders supposedly hate mint. Ha! Non-toxic spider-be-gone. High-five me.  If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, start here.


These fresh strawberries from our garden just so happen to be sweetening up our lives at the moment.  We’re on our 5th batch of jam. It makes a great gift – like handing someone a jar of happiness. There’s just NO store bought comparison.



And then, I’m so excited about this fresh start for Dancing Creek Gifts. Let me just say, it hasn’t come easy.


First, looking back at old posts (on a personal level) …what a train wreck. A whole lot of baggage can really mess with your mind and (sorry) your writing, but it had to be unpacked. As ugly as it was, it was nothing compared to what I needed to unload in private with close friends. No one’s deep wounds have ever been healed in isolation. The freedom to struggle and fail and continue to be accepted is what helps us move forward and gives us the courage to keep starting over.

On a technical level, I found out that I was on the wrong platform to build an ecommerce website. Do what?? I have to move my data from WordPress.com to WordPress.org?? What is the difference??

That was just the beginning of the agony. Building a website for the technologically challenged is brutal. It makes me want to run screaming to all things “right-brained” for sanity & peace. I hope there’s a special place in heaven for all the nice folks who enjoy helping you with technical support.

I must say, I do feel a great sense of accomplishment, having pushed through so many obstacles in this technical place of torment, while having zero wiring for it. I learned that it’s SO good to go where you don’t wanna – just to see that you CAN DO what you think you can’t. Fresh confidence, y’all —  from the other side, of course. = )

You need some freshness in your life? I know I need a steady stream. I’m excited to continue sharing fresh ideas to inspire you and fresh perspective to encourage you – to fill us with hope for those hard moments and days to come.

We can be re-freshed together, always hoping, always trusting and always persevering because the Lord’s love never fails. So, let’s do this…

Your friend in life, faith & art ~ Jamie = )

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  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! You go Girl! And I know God is going before you as you lean more and more into Him. Love this!

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