Summer Making Series ~ DIY Stepping Stones (video tutorial and printable list)


I’m so glad we finally made these! If you’re a maker, I encourage you to give it a go.


The pictures don’t do justice to their sun-sparkling beauty. Not only are they beautiful, it’s an easy project that you can’t mess up! In fact, since making them, my boys (14 & 12 yr. olds) have made them a second time on their own.


It was fun to experiment… I tried writing in the mortar with a small tool, but the mix just seemed too gritty to make small text readable. One or two large words may have worked fine (that’s something for me to try next time) but I already had a longer message in mind for them, so I added some paint.

A long-lasting “sympathy card” for a sweet family who recently had to say good-bye to their loved one.


What a great reminder that HE CARES from Psalm 56:8 ~ “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

Also, it’s not too early to consider this as a gift idea for Christmas as they’re beautiful AND affordable.  So this was a WIN!

Here’s the video tutorial if you like to see before doing…


For a printable project list and step-by-step instructions click HERE.

Happy making ~Jamie = )





2 comments on “Summer Making Series ~ DIY Stepping Stones (video tutorial and printable list)

    • Hi Carmen,
      Thank you! This is just a rough guess, but you can probably make 10-12 of the pie tin size with the 60 pound bag of mortar mix. We loved loved making these. Have fun! 🙂

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